Tricks to Summarize the Winning on the Football Gambling Site

Tricks to Summarize Winnings on Soccer Gambling Sites – Before that you need to make sure the betting web for gambling that you choose is the trusted and best online soccer gambling website in Indonesia, which will pay off your winnings when you win in large numbers. Also make sure the next betting web has a formal license and has a large number of members. If this is the case, you can ensure that you are betting and know how to calculate these odds.

The following is an explanation of How to Calculate Online Football Gambling Winning, We will briefly summarize it for you:

1. Before you bet, you need to know with the intention of coming from the color of the market that is opened, if it is black, then you are not subject to betting tax when playing, while if it is red then you will be charged with the bet tax when you place your online daftar judi bola.

2. Suppose the odds or bets are red, that means you are betting on the ASIA market. Meanwhile, if there is nothing in your bet in red, then the market you are playing is EUROPEAN bets. For example, if you bet on online slots on the Asian market, there are many types of bets that you can bet like Asian Handicap and Over / Under. If you bet on the EUROPEAN market then you can also bet on 1 × 2, Double Chance, guess the score (Correct Score), HT / FT HH HD HA and other types of bets.

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3. In the following we will state how to calculate the correct odds and winnings on online soccer betting by knowing. And be thorough so that you are able to know and know before betting and playing online soccer gambling.

If you experience a win against the bet you play, you only get a win of 100 thousand. Meanwhile, if you lose, then the loss you will get is 132 thousand (100 thousand together with the key or the stake tax of 32 thousand).

4. Meanwhile, the way to calculate odds on the European market has a calculation that is too different to the Asian market. The calculation formula is (odds – 1) x stake / (odds x stake) – Capital.