How to Read Opponent’s Cards in Online Poker Games

Of the many gambling games, Texas Holdem Poker is the only card gambling game that uses the most strategy and skill. This makes professional poker players will rack their brains to be able to read, see or predict the opponent’s cards.
Not only professional poker players, many beginner poker players also use crazy ideas to get more luck, from looking for prayer words to increase the percentage of wins in card gambling to looking for lucky charms to win gambling. This may be considered unreasonable, but not for some people.
On this occasion, the admin wants to share  tips and tricks on how to read, view or predict the opponent’s cards in a poker game  logically according to the admin’s own experience. But before going to this stage, you are required to understand first  how to play poker properly and correctly.

After you understand how to play poker properly and correctly, let’s continue with our previous steps. So the first thing you should pay attention to is the number of players in the game room. Why is that? Because the number of playing cards consists of 52 cards where the cards have a value of Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Besides having value, playing cards also have 4 different symbols, namely Diamond, Club, Heart and Spade. So in total there are 13 cards with the same value with 4 different symbols. 13 x 4 equals 52 sheets.

The reason why you have to look at the number of players in the room is to find out the 52 number of cards that will be used during the game. 1 person is entitled to 2 cards in each game session. That is, if there are 9 people in the game, the number of cards that will be used is 18 cards for the players and 5 cards for the table. This is done so that we can see how big the percentage of our wins and that of our opponents is in the game session.

The first step to start predicting your opponent’s cards in a poker game  is to see the activities carried out by players other than us. In general, players in Indonesia will fold if they hold cards under 7 or have a small backing card / second card. You can see how agen bola terbesar people fold in the room. If there are enough, the possibility of a big card coming out is certainly greater because the value of the small card is mostly in the hands of the player.
 The next thing you do is see what steps your opponent will take after the card is open, will the opponent  check ,  raise ,  all-in  or even  fold ? After that you can interpret for yourself whether your opponent has a strong card or not.
In addition to using the method of seeing the opponent’s move joker123 deposit pulsa, another method that is quite risky but effective is to see the opponent’s reaction when we  raise . Remember, this method is very risky, so do not carelessly use this method. You should use this method if your position is already holding a one – pair with the largest 2 positions of the open cards and the Raise that you do don’t hesitate and looks too little.
After you make a convincing Raise, your opponent will definitely think and only have 3 choices, come with you, raise the bet or  Fold . If he follows you, chances are he just wants to see the next card and if the card is not as expected he will certainly fold. Don’t forget to look at your card on the table, does it have a sufficient winning percentage? if so, you can do the Raise step again with a greater value than the previous one. Most likely the opponent will  fold  and you will win the poker game session.
That’s all about how to read, predict and see the opponent’s cards in poker games. The tips and tricks above are material taken directly from the admin experience and cannot be said to be completely correct because they must be adapted to various situations. You can get the feeling of playing poker if you have often played poker, for that often play poker and become a professional poker player, yes. Practice Makes Perfect. Thank you for visiting.
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