How to Calculate Parlay in Football Gambling

If you are a football gambling loveror often listen to soccer gambling games, then you must be familiar with the word parlay in soccer gambling. The average person who plays soccer gambling must know and have placed this type of parlay bet in soccer gambling. Mix Parlay itself is one of the types of bets in soccer gambling. This type of bet is also very famous in Indonesia and is played by many football gamblers. This type of bet itself is known as a double bet or multiple gambling package. In this game, bettors can later make various pairs of combinations of several existing gambling matches. So later you can bet on several matches at once with a minimum bet of 2 match packages. This type of bet itself is usually used in matches in big leagues such as the English league, Italy and so on.

Football gambling is a game that is no longer a foreign game. This game has been very popular from the beginning. In the past, this game could only be played offline or at land airports. But over time, this game can be played easily online and many people like it. In this type of online betting, there are many betting markets that you can place on. One of them is the type of parlay betting game in this soccer gambling. Most people only know parlay is a type of bet that requires us to place several matches. But do you know how the parlay calculation system is when you play?


In soccer gambling games, we have to understand a lot of terms and types of games. Including this type of parlay where this type of bet is the type that is very favored by many people. If you want to play a parlay game, then you must first know how the payment system is in this type of parlay bet. The following is an explanation of the parlay betting payment system for you.

  • All teams win

The first is if all the teams you pair win, then the calculation in this parlay is used if none of the teams we choose lose. Then the calculation method that applies is:

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Team A (odds 2.2) Win

Team B ( odd 1.76 ) Win

Team C (odds 1.80) Win

Bet IDR 100,000,-

The calculation: 2.2 x 1.76 x 1.80 = 6.96 x IDR 100,000 = IDR. 696,000.

That’s more or less the count if all teams don’t lose

  • If there is a draw team

In this calculation, if the team we choose is a draw while the other rolet online wins, then this calculation is used. The calculation method is as follows:

Team A (odds 2.3) Win

Team B ( odds 1.85 ) Win

Team C ( odds 1.75 ) Draw

Bet IDR 100,000,-

Calculation: 2.1 x 1.98 = 4.25 x IDR 100,000 = IDR 425,000

So the team that drew earlier will not be counted in the odds

  • If any team wins 1/2

This type of calculation is used if one of the teams we choose slot deposit pulsa wins 1/2 while the other team wins. So calculating it is like this:

Team A (odds 2.1) Win

Team B ( odds 1.98 ) Win

Team C ( odds 1.75 ) Win 1/2

Bet IDR 100,000,-

The calculation: First, the team that wins 1/2 must be calculated first. So we first calculate the odds of Team C, namely (1.75 – 1 = 0.75 : 2 = 0.37 + 1 ) the result is 1.37

Then the calculation later is: 2.1 x 1.98 x 1.37 = 5.69 x IDR 100,000 = IDR 569,000. So for the calculation of the team that won 1/2 this.

  • If any team loses 1/2

We use this parlay calculation if one of the teams we choose loses 1/2 while the other team wins. Then the calculation method that applies is:

Team A (odds 2.1) Win

Team B ( odds 1.98 ) Win

Team C ( odds 1.75 ) Lose 1/2

Bet IDR 100,000

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Calculation: 2.1 x 1.98 x 0.5 = 2.07 x IDR 100,000 = IDR 207,000

That’s roughly how the calculation of this parlay bet itself. Therefore, it is better for you to know and understand before playing so that you understand how to calculate this bet correctly. That’s all I can say for you. Hopefully it will be useful and let’s just start playing soccer gambling bets and many other games at the trusted agents of our choice.