Here Are Some Popular Live Betting Soccer Markets

Soccer is one of the most popular sports for live betting due to the high number of games and markets available to punters any time of day or night. Like betting on any sport, it helps to start with an end goal in mind whether that’s to minimize your risk on a favourite, hedge a previous bet or back a team at higher odds than you could get before the match.

Here Are Some Popular Live Betting Soccer Markets

Corner kicks: Teams on the offensive tend to be awarded agen judi bola more corner kicks, even if their attacks don’t all convert into goals. Similarly, teams that are forced to defend in their own half, generally score fewer corner kicks. A good live betting strategy for soccer can be to use what you see happening offensively to bet on over/under corner kicks.

Cards: Depending on what happens, some matches get more heated than others. By considering factors like what’s at stake for the players (a big derby game for instance), an individual’s temperament and a referee’s tendency to card players (their tolerance for aggressive gameplay) you can make better predictions about how many cards will be shown.

Next goal: This is a fun in-play bet to have where you must predict which team will score the next goal. When any team is on a dangerous attack, especially if they’ve already missed a few golden opportunities, might be the right time to strike with this bet and hope they find the net. You can also choose to select ‘None’ if you think no more goals will be scored.

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How To Bet Live Games On Betway

Now that you know all about how live betting works and which types of in-play bets are available, your next question is, Where can I bet on live games? Just about every online bookmaker in South Africa offers live games, but when it comes to betting options for punters, Betway wins hands down. Whatever you’re looking for, at Betway you can bet live games across all sports from the premier and lower divisions around the world!

  • Visit the Betway homepage and go to Live for in-play sports
  • Choose the sport you want to bet on from the menu of icons or select a game from the highlights panel on the left side
  • By default, you will only see the Match Winner market. Click More Bets to see the other live bets which are available.
  • Click the odds to make a selection and send it to your betslip.
  • Enter your stake where it says ‘Bet Amount’ and then click Bet Now to place your bet.
  • Good luck!

Every online bookmaker in South Africa aims to ensure all information displayed on their site is accurate but mistakes can happen sometimes, especially with live betting where odds are changing all the time. If incorrect odds are posted for any reason, bookies reserve the right to cancel related bets. The same goes for when there is reason to believe that a bet was placed after the outcome of an event was known and the punter gained an unfair advantage.

Punters should also be aware that transmissions for live betting can be delayed due to their online connectivity, network speed and other external factors out of the bookmaker’s control. Bookmakers therefore assume no liability in the event any information displayed on their site is incorrect at the time of bets being placed.

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The opportunities for South African punters to bet live games have never been better and we highly recommend you give it a try if you haven’t already. To start betting in-play on sports such as soccer, cricket, tennis and rugby, visit Betway and see what’s on offer. If you join now you’ll get a R25 Sign Up Free Bet to use as you please!