Blackjack is the name of the 21 card game where we can find the existence of this game at the casino or on the official online casino gambling site. Many people think that blackjack is the same game as poker. However, this game is very different.

In the poker game we will be given 2 random cards that we hold. And later the dealer will raise 3 of the 6 cards to be matched. Become a form of card type that is worth points in each type. From this point of view, it can be seen that the game of poker is different from blackjack.

While blackjack is a card game where each player will be given 2 random cards. Players are required to add up the 2 cards until their value reaches 21 and if more, the dealer gets a 21 card directly. In the first round, the dealer has the right to take all bets.

To play this blackjack game you don’t have to prepare a special strategy to play because this game is very easy and easy where. This game can be played by 9 people including the dealer who plays and guides the game until the game ends.


Before you start this blackjack game. Of course, what you have to master is the basic principles and rules of the blackjack game. If everything has been mastered well, then you try to estimate how much funds you will use as capital to play.

After that you also have to determine how much you have judi joker123 to play to make a bet or bet each round of the game. But try not to bet with a high or large nominal because the rotation of this game is very fast.

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Besides that, you can also observe this game by predicting every card that is dealt to you and to other players. In addition, you also need to calculate how many points are on your card. If you get a card less than 11, then immediately hit.

The hit here is where you add half your bet to add 1 card that will help agen bola resmi point value reach or approach 21 points. If your points exceed 21 then you are automatically declared a loser. If you get a card with a value of 16, my advice is to double down.

Double down is you divide the first 2 cards into 2 parts. At this stage you will add a bet as much as 1 times the initial bet. After that later you will be given 2 more cards which will later be matched with the cards that were previously given to you in that round.